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December 2, 2015

Deutsche Bank’s Andrew Baume discusses global trends in retirement income products

Andrew Baume, Senior Client Solutions Director at Deutsche Bank, recently joined the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s (ASFA) Global Pension Summit to discuss global trends in retirement income products – one of three big themes for 2015.

The Australian Government’s intention to adopt Recommendation 11 from the Financial System Inquiry could lay the groundwork for a profound change in the structure of pension phase investments, according to Mr Baume.

“International trends may become a part of the Australian landscape in response to policy changes,” he said during the conference’s opening panel.

Mr Baume also spoke about the changed investment dynamics of a low growth world and their interaction with demographic influences in portfolio construction.

“Australian investors have historically used asset allocation as their main defensive weapon against negative shocks but we focus on the tools available to manage downside and longevity risk such as guarantees and whole of life income cover,” said Mr Baume.

“Many attendees were surprised to see the extent of the investment task ahead with superannuation growing faster than GDP. The crowding in effect of investment needs and ageing population showed in stark relief that the traditional methods may not be acceptable when the government’s Comprehensive Income Product for Retirement (“My Pensions”) regime is put in place.”

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